Alexandra Serebrennikova,Nimbus全球市场总监





1. 2021 is the Chinese lunar year of the Bull, which implies a bright future. What are the major plans and prospects for Nimbus in the year of the Bull?


The following animal of the Chinese Zodiac, the Ox, signifies positivity, hard work, and honesty. Yes, indeed, we hope that these virtues manifest for the whole Community through Nimbus. We envisioned a project that consists of the best practices of DeFi in combination with the best of traditional financing. At present, we are finalizing the launch of the Nimbus Platform and our NBU token - but there’s so much more ahead!

All in all, our entire Roadmap should fit into the year 2021. This means that this year shall see all our key planned developments to go live, including the 3 tokens and 4 dApps. You can learn more about these plans at our website:

But what’s more, we aim to exceed these development plans and also integrate third-party dApps as well as potentially launch more proprietary dApps. We aim to also list our tokens at centralized and decentralized exchanges and launch a lot of interesting campaigns for our users to benefit from, with our upcoming Referral Program being the first on the list. You will hear more about it in our official channels so be sure to stay tuned!

Eventually, these developments and initiatives should allow us to fulfill our long-term mission and evolve into a one-stop-shop that bridges the gap between the theoretical benefits of DeFi and real-world use cases. We aim to create a perse, sustainable platform offering realistic earning strategies for users in the long run. Just like the value that the year holds, Nimbus shall unfold as a reliable, fair, and confident platform that symbolizes the visions and goals of our people, for, after all, it is you who we stand for.

即将到来的是中国十二生肖中的牛年,它代表积极,努力和诚实。是的,的确,我们希望这些美德通过Nimbus为整个社区体现出来。我们设想了一个由DeFi的最佳实践与传统融资的最佳组合组成的项目。目前,我们正在完成Nimbus平台和我们的NBU代币的发布工作-但还有很多工作要做! 总而言之,我们的整个路线图应适用于2021年。






2. What is the reason for the postponement of Nimbus's token plan? When will it be launched next?


You can trust Nimbus because of our fantastic track record and the reputable team. We have a unique approach that would make DeFi accessible to common people and open the best traditional financial tools to crypto. We envisioned a project of this scale in very turbulent times, and our goal to offer reliability and stability to our users is finally taking its final form. 

We know that the promised launch took a bit longer than expected. Due to certain smart contract augmentations and in order to intercept all potential issues in the future, we believe that time was a much-needed factor both for our users and for us. The official launch of the Nimbus platform and of our NBU token will be announced shortly, so we urge our community members to keep a close eye on our official channels. 


我们知道承诺的发展时间比预期的要长。由于某些智能合约的增加以及为了拦截将来的所有潜在问题,我们认为时间对于我们的用户和我们来说,都是非常重要的。 Nimbus平台和我们的NBU代币的正式发布将在不久后上线,因此我们督促社区成员密切关注我们的官方公告。



3. As Nimbus global marketing director, based on a global perspective, what do you think of this wave of DeFi bull market? Do you think there will be the next wave of DeFi bull market?


In my opinion, although the DeFi bull wave may teeter throughout the year, it will undoubtedly persist. The current trends are very potent indicators that DeFi is here to stay. Here at Nimbus, we hope to strengthen the DeFi movement by offering users a sustainable, realistic, and wholesome ecosystem that they have been waiting for. 

With Nimbus's vision of a holistic platform made of dApps, multi-tier pools, and different earning strategies, we hope to remedy the present shortcomings of the DeFi sector. Users will be able to access all our offerings via a single token, the NBU. 

For the same reason, we have curated a unique Referral program that will familiarize participants with the integrations and incentivize their participation with rewards, benefits, and a strong community that stands to witness the complete maturation of DeFi.






4. What is the latest development of Nimbus recently? Please introduce in detail.


Smart Contract Audit 

Among a few recent headlines for Nimbus, there is one that stands out the most. We are very proud that our Smart Contracts were reviewed by one of the most heralded blockchain audit firms – Zokyo. However, our Nimbus team is very strict about following stringent quality and security measures regarding any of our offerings. It is for the same reason that we are now performing some more minor smart contract enhancements. We are devoted to offer our users a fully compliant, secure, and transparent ecosystem to trust with their assets. 

The Launch of the official Nimbus Platform, NBU Token, DAO, Nimbus Governance token, and dApps

The launch of the Nimbus Platform and our NBU token will go live shortly and we are grateful for the patience and understanding of the Nimbus community. We shall announce some news in this regard in the coming hours.

Simultaneously, the Nimbus team is working tirelessly to initiate two of our four dApps: the Crypto Arbitrage-Trading dApp and the P2P Lending dApp - as well as the DAO and the Governance token that shall follow very soon and perfectly fit the schedule. 

The Nimbus Referral Program 

The Nimbus Referral Program is a unique channel that helps our users amplify their benefits from NBU acquisition while at the same building stronger bonds within the Nimbus Community. Our multi-level Referral program is a great contribution to our main mission of offering realistic rewards and benefits to users worldwide. 

Please note that this Program shall go live together with our Platform in the nearest time - so keep an eye on it nd make sure to join!











Where can we use the dapp mentioned above?


Once each dApp gets officially launched, you shall have access to it via the Nimbus Platform.


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